Power Quartetting

It was more than just another great weekend of chord ringing and fellowship for me. It provided a much needed charge to my barbershop battery.
Paul O.

I just wanted to publicly thank everyone for a great weekend. I look forward to singing with you guys again next year!
Mark E.

I had a fantastic time, and will definitely be recommending this event to all my friends for next year!
Drew O.

WOW! Wall-to-wall singing, all weekend! What a good time we had! The rest of you missed a marvelous weekend!
Bob T.

What Is Power Quartetting?

You are a singer who has registered to be a part of a Power Quartetting weekend. You got the music and the learning tracks six months or more before the event, and you worked hard to learn your part on six arrangements in order to sing them in quartets.

When the weekend of the event arrives you show up at the venue on Friday evening and begin to meet the other participants, top singers from all over the area. The evening is spent reviewing the six songs and singing them in various quartet combinations with people that perhaps you've never met before. Some of those not singing give you helpful feedback.

On Saturday the morning and early afternoon are spent alternating between singing the songs in various quartets and rehearsing with the full group in preparation for an evening show/contest. Later in the afternoon the draw takes place for you to be assigned to a quartet and a song chosen at random. During the remaining time you rehearse that song with your "quartet".

In the evening show and informal contest between the randomly-selected quartets is held and the audience chooses a winner. The group sings all six songs as a chorus under the direction of one of the participants, and a featured (real) quartet closes out the show with a package. Then everyone is invited to an "afterglow" at a local pizza place to eat, sing songs, tags, and get to know these new friends. You can't wait for next year's event, with six new songs.


Learn to Sing Better

Singing Success

Why Power Quartetting?

For the quartet singer

- a chance to learn six new songs
- a chance to meet and sing with people you don't know
- if your whole quartet participates, a chance to expand your repertoire

For those not currently in a quartet

- a chance to evaluate potential quartet partners
- a chance to find out who's currently in a quartet or not
- a chance to hone your song-learning skills

For the elite singer

- a chance to network with other top singers
- a chance to encourage and instruct average singers
- a chance to give back to the hobby that has given you success
- a chance to get your name on the list quickly, so that others will sign-up for the prospect of singing with you

For the inactive or non-barbershopper

- a chance to try out the hobby without committing to a weekly rehearsal
- a chance to experience ringing chords in an a cappella setting
- a chance to interact with other musicians and singers

For the potential quartet singer

- a chance to sample the barbershop quartetting culture
- a chance to see how you compare with other quartetters
- a chance to pick the brains of lifelong quartetters

For the host chapter

- a chance to promote quartetting among your members and others in the area
- a chance to build your reputation as a flagship chapter
- a chance to reach out to inactive or non-barbershoppers in the area
- a chance to gain revenue ($$) for the chapter through the show and registrations
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