Power Quartetting

It was more than just another great weekend of chord ringing and fellowship for me. It provided a much needed charge to my barbershop battery.
Paul O.

I just wanted to publicly thank everyone for a great weekend. I look forward to singing with you guys again next year!
Mark E.

I had a fantastic time, and will definitely be recommending this event to all my friends for next year!
Drew O.

WOW! Wall-to-wall singing, all weekend! What a good time we had! The rest of you missed a marvelous weekend!
Bob T.

Men, Women, or Both?

When we first announced the original Power Quartetting weekend, we were asked by a number of women if they could participate. After some deliberation, we decided to keep it men-only for the first year. One of the purposes was for people to evaluate potential quartet partners for the future, and that goal seemed better served by limiting the participation. But there's no reason a similar event couldn't be held for women only.

If a chapter decides to host an event and invite women to participate on the men's parts (or vice versa), that could work too. Since most of the event alternates between group singing and break-out rooms, it would be possible to have both a men's and women's track going on concurrently, one group in the break-out rooms while the other is together. The two could combine for a final session singing an 8-part arrangement.

This is the format that we used in the Portland 2010 event. Men and women gathered for warm-ups each day, and then one group went off to break-out rooms while the other sang together in chorus format. Then the groups alternated during the day. On Saturday afternoon there was a combined quartetting session using the 8-part piece.

In the show that evening there were informal contests for both men's and women's randomly drawn quartets. After the winners were announced (based on audience vote), the winning men's and women's quartets sang the 8-part piece together as their "encore" piece.